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Pre-Kindergarten & up

Registering your child for school


When your child is 4 or 5 years old

Typically, a child begins their school career in pre-kindergarten at age 4. Sometimes, you may choose to start your child in Kindergarten at age 5.

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When you move from another community

Transferring to a new school from within Eeyou Istchee simply requires a visit to the school with your child's birth certificate. Don't forget to also let the school you are leaving know that you won't be back!


When you move from elsewhere in Quebec

When you move from elsewhere in Quebec, we are required to register your child with their Quebec permanent code. This sometimes requires some time to retrieve, but is usually a straightforward process. Just visit your new school, or call ahead and speak with the Principal. Don't forget your child's birth certificate when you visit your new school!


When you move from outside Quebec

Moving to a Cree School Board school from another province, territory, or country is also possible! We ask that you contact the school ahead to ensure all necessary documents can be transferred, and that your child's arrival at their new school will be as seamless as possible.

Please contact your local school regarding 2024-2025 school registration. 

Kindergarten registration at the Cree School Board

We encourage you to register your child for school in order that he or she may experience the emotional, social and physical benefits of early childhood education. This is an important time that sets the foundation for the confidence they will carry into adulthood.

Is my child ready for school?

Sometimes a child can benefit from another year at home. This is often the case when their birthday falls late in the year. But most often, students are ready for Pre-K when they turn 4.

Minimum age on September 30

For pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten, & grade 1 registration
Grade 1

Birth certificate

To register your child with the Cree School Board, The Ministry of Education requires a birth certificate bearing the parents' names. You can obtain information regarding Quebec birth certificates by contacting the Band office in your home community.

Quebec Government
Online application for a certificate or copy of an act


For births outside of Quebec, you must contact the Division of Vital Statistics where the child was born. For Ontario, click here.

Registration Resources

Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay

Cree Nation Government


Kindergarten helps to establish a strong foundation for success at school, and in life beyond school. Children play and explore in safe, inclusive classrooms as they develop – physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively.

Pre-Kindergarten for 4-year olds

Pre-Kindergarten provides children and their families with an early opportunity to establish healthy learning and social habits. Pre-Kindergarten programming is offered in Cree to further build your child’s language skills.

Kindergarten for 5-year olds

Kindergarten allows your child to continue learning in a play-based environment; our programs stimulate curiosity, encourage exploration and build self-confidence – all part of a firm foundation for your child’s lifelong educational journey.

Getting Ready for Kindergarten

We know that starting school will be a big change in your child’s life. Even if your child attends daycare, the new routines will need some getting-used-to. Here are some ways to prepare your child for their first day of school:

  • Talk with and listen to your child. Strong oral communication is a good foundation for learning.
  • Encourage your child to speak with Elders and listen to their stories
  • Encourage your child to speak about their feelings.
  • Find opportunities for your child to interact with other children their own age.
  • Encourage independence – toileting, dressing, tidying, eating.
  • Read to your child regularly. Use everyday opportunities such as reading signs, packages, and labels. Count things; play board games.
  • Support your child’s fine motor skills by drawing, cutting, gluing and handling playdough.
  • Encourage running, climbing and playing outdoors.

Parents worried about their child's readiness for Junior Kindergarten or Senior Kindergarten should contact their child's school principal as early as possible. Schools may be able to help parents get support for their children.