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We are a unique Indigenous school board supporting the education of almost 5,000 Cree youth in northern Quebec.

Governance & structure

Under the oversight of the Council of Commissioners, the Director General guides the operation of the Cree School Board through a team of directors and senior managers supported by professionals and support staff. 

Updated: Dec. 7, 2021

Operational leadership

Director General

As the leader of the Cree School Board, the Director General is responsible for the operations of the Cree School Board. They implement the decisions of the Executive Committee and the Council of Commissioners. The Director General oversees implementation of the Strategic Action Plan, and the Annual Report, as well as the biennial Regional General Assembly.

Deputy Director General (Operations)

The Office of the Deputy Director General (Operations) supports the Board's learning environments and enhances its operational effectiveness.

Deputy Director General (Pedagogical)

The Office of Deputy Director General (Pedagogical) supports Board-wide pedagogical activities through the Departments of School Operations and Educational Services.

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School Operations

School Operations leads the youth sector pedagogical team in place in our schools with the goal of ensuring that all schools provide focused and effective leadership through evidence-based practices and collaborative environments. 

Secretary General

The Secretary General is the official record-keeper for the Cree School Board. 

  • preserves information from corporate meetings and elections
  • retains all official registers, corporate books, and other legal and informational documents
  • ensures the Board's activities and actions are compliance with all binding laws 

Human Resources

Human Resources looks after employee relations at the Cree School Board, including the teaching staff in the schools.

  • recruits
  • hires
  • assures good working conditions
  • fosters positive employee relations
  • promotes professional development and wellness

Finance & Administration

  • administers pay for all employees
  • prepares yearly reports
  • ensures compliance with government regulations
  • manages the group insurance (SSQ) and pension plan (RREGOP & RRPE)

Information & Technology

The Department of Information & Technologies:

  • Helps schools improve the way education is delivered
  • Provides students with technological resources to enrich the educational experience
  • Helps staff improve productivity with proper technological tools
  • Establishes, provides and maintains the necessary technological infrastructure services and resources to support continuous improvement 

Material Resources

This department acts in the interest of students and employees by ensuring the safest, most innovative and pleasant facilities for learning and working.

Post-Secondary Student Services

PSSS supports Cree students from Eeyou Istchee who pursue post-secondary education or professional qualifications.

  • financial support
  • social support
  • guidance counselling

Sabtuan Adult Education Services

SAES provides a wide range of community-based education and training opportunities for adults (16+) living in Eeyou Istchee.

  • Vocational (Sabtuan Regional Vocational Training Centre)
  • General Education
  • Literacy

Education Services

Based in Chisasibi, Education Services provides Board-wide support to student learning in the youth sector. 

  • ongoing development and implementation of the Cree Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum (GVC), along with its aligned resources and teacher support.
  • development of Cree language and culture programs and resources
  • special education services
  • other student services

Communications & Community Relations

The Department of Communications & Community Relations (CCR) promotes communication values and procedures in support of the CSB vision, mission, values, and strategic action plan. 

Cree School Board

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