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Parents, grandparents, Elders and other caregivers can make a big difference in a child's motivation and ability to reach their potential. 

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Get involved!

The Cree School Board encourages parents and caregivers to be a part of their child's school community. There are always opportunities to volunteer and we enthusiastically invite you to contact your school for details. 

Ways to become more involved in your child’s education

  • Help your child arrive at school regularly, and on time
  • Read to your children
  • Sit with your children during homework
  • Drop by the school often no matter what your child's age
  • Express a love of learning
  • Establish and respect a routine around reading and homework
  • Get to know your child’s teacher
  • Attend school events including parent-teacher nights
  • Check school website news
  • Ask your child about school
  • Volunteer at the school

Parent Tool Kit

Land-based Education

Cree Culture Classes


Summer Camps

We offer free summer literacy camps in each community, thanks to a partnership with Frontier College.

Specialized Programs

We know that every child has a different way of learning, so we offer opportunities to help encourage them and interest them.

Safe Schools