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ᐁ ᒋᑲᔭᐱᑖᓃᒡ ᐊᐧᐁᓐ ᐁ ᒌ ᒋᔥᑖᑦ ᒋᔅᑕᐦᐊᒫᒉᐧᐃᓂᔫ

Recognition of Acquired Competencies

The Recognition of Acquired Competencies (RAC) allows adults to receive credit for skills learned outside of the classroom. 

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Michael Reinbold, RAC Consultant

418-923-3347 #1405

Do you have experience or informal training in a trade,
but no vocational diploma?

Want to receive formal recognition of your skills? 

Sabtuan Adult Education Services can help!

If you have proven skills in a vocational field, it may count towards course credits from the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (MEES).

If you have done any kind of training outside of school or have held a job in a skilled vocation, we recommend you meet with the Education Consultant responsible for Recognition of Acquired Competencies (RAC).

We currently offer RAC for the following programs

  • Secretarial Studies

Other programs will be added to this list soon! For more information on future RAC options, contact .

About Recognition of Acquired Competencies (RAC)

What is RAC?

RAC is a way for adults to receive academic credits for their existing skills and knowledge. RAC can help you to get certified to practice a trade without having to repeat training for skills you already have.

How does the process work?

The RAC process involves a few steps:

  • Self-review
  • Analysis from Sabtuan Adult Education Services
  • Official interview/evaluation from an industry professional
  • Development of a learning plan to complete missing credits

See the flow chart on this page for more details.

What if I am missing some skills needed to receive a full diploma?

If you have the skills to receive some credits but need additional training in order to obtain your diploma, we will help you develop a training plan to complete your program.

Who is eligible for a RAC program?

Any member of a community served by the Cree School Board can access RAC services. RAC requests can be made by individuals or by organizations and companies.

Do I have to pay for a RAC program?

No, there are no costs associated with recognizing your competencies and developing a training plan.

How do I apply for a RAC program or get more information?

Contact our Education Consultant responsible for RAC to see what RAC can do for you.

RAC Guiding Principles

Individuals have a right to be recognized for their demonstrated knowledge or competencies. 

Individuals should not have to redo any learning that they have acquired elsewhere. ​What a person has learned is more important than where, when or how it was learned. 

Individuals should not have to seek recognition for competencies or prior learning that have been properly evaluated and certified by an official system. 

Want more information?
Contact the Education Consultant (RAC) today.