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ᒪᓯᓇᐦᐄᒉᐅᑲᒥᒄ ᐊᑐᔅᒉᐧᐃᓐᐦ

Administrative Services

The Cree School Board is supported by a wide range of in-house administrative services.

Human Resources

The HR Department attracts, develops and retains talented and qualified employees for the CSB. HR also provides training and programs, including a Performance Management Program, to assist staff to improve at work and to promote success for all students. 

The HR Department also assists school administrators, departmental directors and other employees in various areas including negotiation of collective agreements and labour relations

Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is a free counselling and support service offered to Cree School Board employees and their families through a partnership with Shepell.

English:  pdf Overview – Get to Know Your EFAP  
Français: pdf Aperçu – Apprenez a connaitre votre PAEF

English:  pdf Pathfinder Brochure
Français: pdf Parcours Brochure

When to Contact HR?

  • when you have a question about or a change to make to your employee file
  • when you are applying for a position with us
  • when you have a question about our employee assistance program
  • when you are looking for professional development opportunities

Tel 418-923-2764 #1213
Fax 418-923-2073

Secretary General

The Office of the Secretary General ensures the Board’s activities and actions comply with all legal, professional, and ethical standards.

  • James Bay Northern Quebec Agreement – Section 16
  • Quebec Education Act for Cree, Inuit and Naskapi Native Persons

Contact this office if you have questions about School Board By-laws or policies, a Freedom of Information request, or an issue with compliance with the Canadian Copyright Act

The Office also provides and preserves information for the Cree School Board.

Governance and Elections

The Council of Commissioners consists of nine Commissioners who serve three-year terms on a rotational basis. Council is led by a chairperson; elections for this position are also held every three years. 

Governance and Elections Documents

Contact Secretary General for

  • Access to Information requests
  • Information on CSB elections
  • Formal complaints
  • Policies that are not available on the website 
  • General inquiries for corporate files

Tel 418-923-2764
Fax 418-923-2020

Information & Technologies

The Department of Information & Technologies:

  • Helps schools improve the way education is delivered
  • Provides students with the technological resources to enrich the educational experience
  • Helps staff improve productivity with proper technological tools
  • Establishes, provides and maintains the necessary technological infrastructure services and resources to support continuous improvement

Contact IT

Tel 418-923-2764
Fax 418-923-2123


The Finance Department supports the administration of pay for all employees and is responsible for preparing yearly reports, ensuring compliance with government regulations, and managing the group insurance (SSQ) and pension plan (RREGOP & RRPE).

pdf Payments by Direct Deposits - Consent Form 2020
pdf Dépôts Directs - Formulaire de consentement 2020

Contact Finance for

  • Payment queries
  • Cheques not received
  • Policy interpretations
  • Rates comparison with other entities
  • Queries on Suppliers (ex. Which hotels does the CSB use)


Communications & Community Relations

The Department of Communications & Community Relations was established in 2016 to encourage strong communication values and procedures in support of the CSB vision, mission, values, and strategic action plan. 

Contact CCR for

  • Media requests of any kind
  • Requests to use our logo or other visual branding
  • Requests to access photographs or data
  • Requests for the Cree School Board to participate in external discussions or research

Material Resources

Material Resources ensures that students and employees benefit from a safe, innovative facility. MRS undertakes and manages construction and supply contracts involving schools as well as housing, and is involved in the housing, moving and storage policies of the Board.

Contact MRS for

  • Capital projects
  • Supply services and construction contracts
  • Bus service contracts