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ᐧᐄᐧᐄᑕᒪᐤ ᒣᑎᐧᐁᐧᐃᓐᐦ

Out-of-School Activities

Learning can be enriched by activities that allow students to practice or develop their skills in significant, meaningful environments. 

Field Trip

Local only

Field trips are out-of-school activities in the local region. 

  • Cree Culture Camps and Villages
  • Local entities
  • Local landmarks
  • Grocery stores, other in-community locations



Excursions require more extensive travel. 

  • Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute in Oujé-Bougoumou
  • Cosmodome, Laval
  • Centre plein air du Mont Chalco, Chibougamau
  • Biodome, Montreal

All students who participate in a field trip or excursion must have a signed consent form. A student of the age of majority must sign the same form.

Supervision is required at specific rates for the number of students and is increased when necessary. We also provide for gender specific supervision when indicated. 

Out of Province: It is mandatory to subscribe to a private insurance coverage, such as the Blue Cross, for each participant for the entire duration of the trip.

No alcohol, drugs, or other prohibited substances are permitted during a field trip or excursion.

The student must carry at all times:

  • proper identification:
    • health card
    • Indian status card
    • student ID card, when applicable
  • emergency phone numbers

pdf Policy on Field Trips and Excursions (currently under review)

  All excursions and field trips must be linked to the curriculum

Secondary V Orientation Trip

The Secondary V Orientation Trips allow students who are currently enrolled in Cree School Board schools to visit Post-Secondary Institutions during their final year of high school.

By having the chance to visit various schools, students are able to make a more informed decision about where they will have the best chance for success. Student Services covers travel and accommodation costs for the students and their supervisors.

To be eligible for the Secondary V Orientation Trip, students must:

  • be registered in the Youth sector of the CSB
  • not have previously taken part in an Orientation Trip
  • be eligible to graduate at the end of the academic year (including the next summer school session)
  • have good attendance
  • attend all preparatory meetings for the Orientation Trip
  • participate in related fund-raising activities.