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ᒋᔅᑯᑕᒫᒉᐧᐃᓐ ᑲᔦᐦ ᐁ ᒋᔅᑯᑕᒫᑎᓱᓈᓄᐎᐦᒡ

Teaching & Learning

The Cree School Board supports students throughout their educational career, from pre-Kindergarten through Secondary School and beyond into Adult Education and Post-Secondary studies.

School Operations

School Operations provides support to schools by fostering focused leadership, researching best practices, communicating, and collaborating with all partners.

Data Management

Under the Office of School Operations, the team for School Data Management works in collaboration with the schools to: register new students, acquire permanent codes for students, develop schedules to meet the needs of students and respect the Cree School Boards Regime Pedagogique, as well as MEES Basic School Regulations and Sanction des Etudes requirements for graduation.

In addition to ensuring the accuracy of youth sector clientele files, this department is responsible for MEES Secondary IV and V examinations in June, August, and January. In collaboration with the rest of the School Operations team and schools, the data management is a partner in ensuring students are enrolled in necessary courses and are registered for necessary exams after triannual review sessions of the students’ transcripts following retake exams.

School Improvement

At the Cree School Board lifelong learning is a priority. Maintaining a growth mindset, we ensure consistent improvement in order to provide our students with high quality education. Schools develop Local School Improvement Plans in which they define SMART Goals related to Cree, English and French literacy, Mathematics, Student Well-Being, and Student Success.

Through data driven decision making and the collaborative efforts of our Professional Learning Communities our educators respond to individual student needs using researched based best practices. It is this commitment to improvement that allows for innovative programming and an experience that is unique to our school board.

Student Success & Engagement

Students are the heart of the Cree School Board. It is our commitment that each student has an educational experience tailored to their specific needs which inspires them to succeed, supports them on their journey and sparks visions of the future.

Authentic educational opportunities are offered throughout the school year as well as over the summer months. Students are given the opportunity to explore languages, culture, artistic expression, and physical activity. It is our goal to meet all our students where they are at and provide strong supports to keep them engaged and travelling towards the visions, they have for themselves.

Education Services

Our Education Services Department provides Cree education to all students.

Cree Programs

By ensuring dedicated support for Cree language and culture programming in our curriculum, we enhance the student experience for our youth sector students. The department of Cree Programs not only oversees the development of learning materials including the publication of new materials and the teaching of these materials in our schools, but also supports the development of the Eastern James Bay Cree Writing System. Read More.

Professional Development

Fostering the values of continuous improvement and lifelong learning, the Cree School Board supports professional development and training for all employees, including its pedagogical staff. Cree and non-Cree teachers, professionals, school administrators, and support personnel are offered rich opportunities to further their education and enhance their skills for the benefit of our students, and the Cree Nation as a whole.

Student Services

We are aware that students benefit from services dedicated to ensuring their success. Our Department of Student Services provides financial academic, vocational and social counseling, as well as career resources. Other services include student housing, the boarding home program, medical and health services, recreation and cultural programs, food services, student discipline, and student records.

Instructional Services

Along with development and implementation of the Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum , our Instructional Services consultants offer pedagogical support to teachers and prepares and administers the CSB end-of-cycle evaluations and exams for elementary and secondary students. Data is collected, analyzed, and used to plan improvements.

Complementary Services

Complementary Services provides a comprehensive educational experience for Youth Sector students.

Special Education

The Cree School Board values each student’s individuality and encourages inclusive education. Our Department of Special Education Services oversees collaboration with specialists and other entities in order to promote inclusive education for all students.

The staff also assists in referral and evaluation processes for individual students (together with local committee at each school). The Department of Special Education Services also ensures that teachers, support staff and school administrators have the necessary tools, resources, and information.


RTI (Response to Intervention) is a multi-tiered collaborative support process that combines high-quality classroom instruction with targeted intervention. RTI professionals collaborate with administrators and teachers to create learning sequences that target essential literacy skills in Cree, English, and French.

The goal of the RTI process is to guarantee that all students have the chance and assistance they need to achieve grade-level reading proficiency.

Digital Learning

Any instructional practice that effectively uses technology to improve students’ learning experiences is referred as Digital Learning. Online courses, hybrid learning, digital content and resources are all examples of Digital Learning, which includes a variety of features, tools, and applications that assist and empower teachers and students. Additionally, Digital Learning can be used to support teachers’ professional learning opportunities and give students with tailored learning experiences.

Digital learning promotes school reform by increasing equity and access to educational opportunities, improving the effectiveness and productivity of teachers and administrators, providing student-centred learning to ensure all students are college and career ready, and recognizing teachers as education designers.

Digital Learning Objectives

The Cree School Board's digital learning objectives are:

  • To empower Cree youth and young adults from pre-k onwards with information and communication technology (ICT) skills that contribute to the development of 21st-century competencies (critical thinking, collaboration, media literacy) and enable full participation in the global society as Cree citizens.
  • To encourage the exploration of contemporary digital tools and technological practices that support indigenous pedagogies and are culturally relevant and representative of Iiyiyiu/Iinuu students by unifying the western knowledge, Maantaau/Mandeow, with the traditional knowledge, Nishiiyuu.