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ᐯᒋ ᒪᓯᓈᓲ ᐊᓂᒌᔥ

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Have you decided to further your education? Are you considering your options after secondary school? We can support you in the decisions you are facing.



How to Apply

Program Start Deadline to apply How to Apply
Fall (Aug., Sept.) March 1st PSSS Online Application Portal
Winter (Jan., Feb.) October 1st PSSS Online Application Portal
Others 3 months prior to official start date of your program.

Request PSSS Application Form (New + Returning) by email by clicking here (or email to request the PDF application form).

Note: This application form will not be accepted for Fall or Winter programs (you must apply online for these programs).

Important notes

Documents supporting your application (acceptance letters, confirmation letters, schedules, etc…) must be emailed to (please mention your name and JBNQA beneficiary #).

Currently Sponsored Students:


Preparation Checklists

This checklist will help you prepare for your journey to post-secondary education.

Step 1

Are you ready to go to CEGEP/College or University?

Have you . . .

  • Researched programs that interest you?
  • Researched schools that offer program(s) you're interested in taking?
  • Applied for admission to the program?
  • Found out how to apply for Financial/Educational Assistance through the Cree School Board's Post-Secondary Student Services? Details here.
  • Gathered required documents to support your Application for Financial/Educational Assistance?
    • A handwritten letter (blue or black pen) describing your educational plans & career goals
    • Birth certificate(s) (yours and your dependents' – child or spouse)
    • Previous academic records (high school & others)
    • Latest MELS or OSSD transcripts of marks
    • Copy of your application to school
    • Acceptance letter from the school – as soon as possible
  • Applied for Financial / Educational Assistance at PSSS (before March 1st / October 1st) and attached the required documents to support your application?
  • Sent any missing document(s) to PSSS before April 1st (November 1st for Winter semester)?
  • Read all communications received from CSB-PSSS?
Step 2

Have you been accepted by the school AND approved for financial/educational sponsorship by PSSS?

Now it's time to . . .

  • Know your budget.
  • Find an apartment. Be sure to understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant before you sign a lease:
       Régie du logement du Québec [version française]
       Ontario Tenant’s Rights
  • Submit your Travel and/or Moving Request for Start of School to PSSS (Sally Trapper – PSSS Montréal).
  • Travel to your new school/home.  You must follow the approved travel itinerary from PSSS.
  • Find temporary lodging, if needed (friends, family, bed & breakfast, youth hostel).
  • Attend orientation sessions provided by your educational institution and PSSS to learn about your school and services available to you

Our Student Affairs Technicians are available to help!