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ᐯᒋ ᐧᐄᒋᐋᐸᑎᓰᒥᓈᓐ ᐆᑌᐦ ᐄᔨᔨᐤ ᒋᔅᑯᑕᒫᒑᐧᐃᓐ!

Join Our Team!

Our dynamic work culture provides employees with the chance to contribute to the Cree School Board's vision, to access meaningful job opportunities, and to experience a peaceful community environment. 

Contact Human Resources

Tel 418-923-2764 #1213
Fax 418-923-2073

Walk with us

We offer excellent employment opportunities in teaching and other important fields and we are looking for people who want to advance the Cree Nation.

We believe that education is a key driver of success. A foundation in education will enhance the lives of our children, our communities, and our nation as a whole. The Cree School Board provides pre-primary through secondary and adult education services in Cree, French and English in nine communities. 

The CSB Vision

To advance the Cree Nation through education

Our vision of student success is a top factor in joining the Cree School Board! Education and lifelong learning are viewed as crucial in the development of the Nation. It nurtures our children, strengthens our community, and sustains our Cree language and culture.


Community living, northern living, and way of life
The environment is a key reason candidates join the CSB. The community living and natural surroundings mean an invigorating and peaceful way of life. Employees love the clean snow, the short commute, and our small, close-knit communities.



For all employees

The Cree School Board provides subsidized, furnished housng for all non-JBNQA beneficiary employees. Housing is determined by a variety of factors including size of the family and seniority.

Training opportunities

For all employees

Employees may access training opportunities to advance their skills and knowledge and to better equip them to perform in their roles. 

Salary, Pension, Benefits

For all employees

We offer competitive salaries for all employee groups. As well, eligible CSB employees participate in pension plans and the group insurance plan for health benefits. 

Northern allowance

For all employees

Residents of certain regions can claim the Northern Residents Deduction, which reduces their taxes significantly. The deduction includes a basic amount, an additional amount, and an amount for travel expenses. The Northern Allowance is taxable.

Retention premium

For some employees

The retention premium is a monetary compensation for qualified employees. To be entitled to this premium, you must meet the eligibility requirements as established by the Ministry of Education; contact HR to validate your eligibility.


For some employees

Employees who relocate to Eeyou Istchee to work at the Cree School Board are entitled to 3 expense-paid travel to their home community per year. Please note that these and other benefits are prorated if an employee starts work midway through the school year.