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ᒉᐧᑳᓐ ᐊᓐ ᔖᐳᐦᑐᐧᐋᓐ ᒋᔐᐄᓅ ᒋᔅᑯᑕᒫᒉᐧᐃᓐ ᐊᑐᔅᒉᐧᐃᓐᐦ

About Sabtuan Adult Education Services

Sabtuan Adult Education Services (SAES) provides high-quality, community-based educational and training opportunities for adults living in the Eeyou Istchee.


Recognized for its expertise in culturally relevant programs and services, SAES provides lifelong learning through high-quality education & training, and inspired teaching.


An adult education system rooted in Cree worldview that empowers students to actively contribute to the strength of the Cree Nation.


Based on the seven values of the Cree School Board, we selected these three values as our focus: Courage, Respect, and Sharing. These values are meant to address challenges in teaching, adopting client-oriented services, and pursuing continuous improvement.

Courage enables us to take the first step towards change.

Respect for oneself and others motivates and drives our teachers and staff.

Sharing helps us combine our skills and make a determined effort to solve problems and assist students in their development.

Student Policies

We know that success is partly dependent on the consistent application of high standards in our educational processes. We have developed policies to ensure that students, educators, and community partners are positioned for the highest level of achievement in our adult education and training programs.

Our history

The Department of Adult Education, as it was called at the time, was created in 1980. At that time, all communities had access to general education; however, only a few programs in professional and vocational training were offered (in Chisasibi and Mistissini)

Near the end of the 1980s, the Department of Adult Education started a more widespread professional training program in order to meet the specific needs of each community. We were able to offer these programs thanks to the generosity and collaboration of community members who shared their needs and found locations to host trainings.

In the years that followed, new training centres opened in many communities to allow for a wider range of programs and services. The most notable development during these years was the Sabtuan Regional Vocational Training Centre. Located in Waswanipi, the SRVTC now serves the entire Cree Nation, offering a wide variety of vocational programs as well as residences and cafeteria services to students from each community.

Sabtuan Adult Education Services continues to evolve in order to meet the growing needs of its Cree clients through partnerships with Cree and non-Cree organizations, the establishment of a vocational training centre in Mistissini, and one planned for Chisasibi.

Our logo

Our name, logo, and identity are centred around a sabtuan, the traditional, two-door Cree dwelling. One door symbolizes respect for our traditions, including the traditional knowledge we learn at the feet of our elders, the things we bring with us when we come to learn. The other door represents new kinds of learning and the way they open up the future, the knowledge we take with us out into the world.

A new SAES logo was released in February 2020. This logo uses a contemporary design style to showcase the symbols and roots of lifelong learning: the sabtuan, our land, and the cycle of sunrise and sunset. It is also designed to align with the Cree School Board logo.


Sabtuan Adult Education Services partners with employers, entities, and other institutions to offer programs that support local employment and training needs.

For more information on offering a partnership program with SAES, please contact the SAES Head Office:

418-923-3347 ext. 1321
Toll free 1-844-923-3347