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Vocational Programs

A vocational program is a hands-on training program that prepares you for a specific field of work or position (for example, Carpentry or Secretary).

ALERT: Students may only enter adult education buildings at their scheduled class time and must complete a daily health check before entering the building.
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All our Vocational Training programs are accredited. Graduates will receive a diploma and be prepared to practice their trade professionally. Vocational training students also become professionals or business owners.

Build your future with adult education!


Most programs are full-time, Monday to Friday, and take between six months and two years to complete.


Local or Regional
Regional programs are offered at our Regional Training Centre, where residences are available


Funding is available. In 2020, student allowances will become available for some students in adult education. Apply Now.

How do I Apply?

It's simpler than you think.

Once you determine your course, contact your Local Education Consultant or SAES Office to determine the documents you will need. 

How do I Apply?


Identify the courses or program you wish to take

Review your options and build a learning plan with the adult education guidance counsellor.


Bring documents to your local Adult Education Office

Bring your birth certificate, social insurance number, and school reports/transcripts to your local Adult Education office. If you are applying for a vocational program, please contact your Local Education Consultant for more details on necessary documents. Find my local adult education office.


Fill out an application

If you applied for General Education classes, welcome! You may be able to start immediately after submitting your application. If you applied for a Vocational Program, you will be contacted following the selection process.

Cree School Board

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