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Our Philosophy

We are a unique school board in Canada, offering a trilingual education and services to youth and adults from preschool through post-secondary studies.

We believe
We believe
  • that the Cree people of James Bay of Northern Quebec constitute a Cree Nation with acquired and inherent rights;
  • that the Cree Nation has a definite culture, language and tradition which sets it as a distinct society;
  • and affirm that the Cree language is the Mother tongue of the Cree Nation;
  • that the Cree child is a unique individual and that we have the responsibility for the proper spiritual, emotional, mental and physical development of that child;
  • that the learning of the child begins before and from birth and that it is our duty to foster the growth of this inherent right and ability;
  • the Cree child to have the right to learn and be taught his-her Mother tongue;
  • that the Cree child as a unique individual has the right to be taught and practice his-her culture and its value system;
  • that the Cree child is to be brought up to be non-judgmental and aware and be able to meet the world and feel comfortable with himself as a Cree person;
  • that every Cree child has the right to be provided with the opportunity for support and resources according to his-her needs;
  • that every Cree child is to be provided the opportunity to follow any level of academic, technical, vocational and Cree traditional education;
  • that the promotion and perpetuation of the Cree language and culture is the root of the Cree education system;
  • in the involvement of the Cree people in the decision-making process and that we promote this involvement through communication and dialogue.