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A Message from the Chairperson and Director General of the Cree School Board

The spring of 2020 has brought lots of change to our world. Right now, it’s hard for you to see your friends or to gather with cousins and other family; you also don’t see your teachers at school. Instead, you talk to your friends on the phone or through social media, and you learn in new ways, such as online. For those in high school, we know you are facing uncertainty. The world is a confusing place right now, and we, like you, find ourselves looking for new ways to accomplish our goals. 

Our main objective as a school board is to support you, our students.

While you will not gather in school buildings over the next two months, there are many ways we can, together, continue to grow and learn. We developed this simple message to remind all of us of what’s important. We hope that you are finding ways to feed all three – mind, emotions, and body:  

MIND: Complete some form of learning each day, whether it is from the Online Learning Platform or another source recommended by your educators.

EMOTIONS: Reflect on what is important to you. You could try naming the three best things about today. Writing about what you reflect on is also helpful. Writing on social media counts! #3BestThingsToday

BODY: Do something healthy for your body. Try a walk each day, or choose a healthy meal over an unhealthy one.

We promise to support you as you complete these three challenges each day – and together we will continue to get ready for the days ahead when the world is a healthier place, and we can again be together. 

Sarah & Abraham

#Resilience #Cree #EeyouEducation

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