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ᐯᔭᒄ ᐲᐦᐊᒻ ᓂᔥᑐ ᑳ ᐃᑕᓯᓈᓲᑖᐤ ᐊᐧᐋᔒᒡ ᐁ ᒋᔅᑯᑕᐧᒫᑲᓄᑖᐤ

OLP - PreK-K Cree

From online storytime to activities you can do at home or in the bush, here are some of the most useful resources we have found for you!  

ᐁ ᐊᔨᒥᐦᑖᓅᒡ ᑲᔦᐦ ᐁ ᐊᔨᒧᓈᓅᒡ

Reading & Oral Language

Itsy Bitsy Spider

ᐹᔨᒄ ᑎᐧᐃᔥᑖᐤᐦ
The Week Song