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Teacher Appreciation Week at EAWMES

We want to acknowledge the wonderful people that made our Teachers Appreciation Week a success by so willingly giving of themselves.

Chief Clark Shecapio, Judy T, Greta C, Pearl W, Hugo & Emily H, Martina & Destiny, Ruth S, Silas E, Isabel JW, Daisy S, Eleanor M, Jamie J, Gordon B, Paul M, Veronica M, Brenda H, Joanie & Nick, Desiree E, Georgina , Cathy, Connie E & Annie L.  
This list of people gave a free period to our 35 Elementary Teachers. Thank you!

Waskaganish Eeyou First Nation Administration & Employees.
Waskaganish Detachment of Eeyou Eenou Police Force,
Waskaganish Fire Department,
Parents of Students, Wask Recreation Department,
EAWMES Educators, Wask Starlites Broomball Team took turns coming in for recess duty this week.
The Recreation Dept went as far as taking over a class for a teacher who was not feeling well. They also hopped on bus due to no available monitor. 

We had a Teachers Star Wall made & prepared by Chief Clark & First Lady 
Sarah H laminating the stars.

Teachers got Food/ Fruit trays from The School, Waskaganish Cree Pentecostal Church, & Native Women’s Association.
They had amazing gifts from WFN and nice bags with logos from the school.

Lenora made a beautiful cake. Both she & Sheila prepared a yummy scrumptious light meal/snacks for our teachers to finish off the week.
Henry & Jodie made it extra fun with the practice proposal.
Jii moojucktaawd the teachers. 

Conrad B, Rachel Ann H, Paula S came in to set up & serve our teachers.
Georgina made the lovely placemats.
Thank you also to Cathy for all your help.
And, Francine for your never ending work behind the scene.

Rick, Cathy, Glen, Bob, Audrey & Francine for cleaning up.

We can go far when we work together. You are all amazing & very much appreciated.   

Our teachers had a blessed time & an awesome week! 

Thank you!
Mishta Meegwetch!