Science Fair Winners Announced

The science fair committee would like to thank everyone for making this year’s local science fair a success.  A special thank you to our students who worked so hard on their projects, their teachers who assisted them, parents and community members who came to show their support, our hard working judges, and the staff at the gathering place.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Cycle 1 (grade 1 and 2)
1st prize - Marie Julie’s class “la vie, ça pousse”

Cycle 2 (grade 3 and 4)
1st prize - Pierrette’s class “soulever le glaćon”

2nd prize - Anita Kitty’s class “outrageous ooze”

3rd prize - Rebecca Brown’s class “wash your hands”

Cycle 3 (grade 5 and 6)
1st prize - Jodie’s class “slime”

2nd prize - Lucie’s class “comment constuire une lampe à lave”

3rd prize - Janie’s class “static electricity”

Sec 1 and sec 2

1st prize - Natasha’s class “coke and mentos”

2nd prize - Marie José class “impacts of climate change”

3rd prize - Menyo’s class “les moisissures”

Sec 4 and sec 5

1st prize - Victor’s class “école intellegente au verte”

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