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Science Fair engages students

From how much trash we make, to how electricity can come from a potato, this year's science projects were the "slimiest" and most "explosive" yet!

Here are the 2020 ELMS science fair winners!

Gr1/2 Category:
1st- Evangelynn and Anna Emily
2nd- Khloe and Liam
3rd- Logan and Devin

Gr 3/4 Category:
1st- Wyatt and Shyne
2nd- Amira and Aaliyah
3rd- Abby and Kate

Gr5 Category:
1st- Aaliyah and Kylie
2nd- Crystal Pearl and Paige

Gr 6 Category:
1st- Rory, Jarome, Jedaiah and Colton
2nd- Emerson, Scarlett, Riley and Hanna

Sec 1/2 Category:
1st- Jamal and Keenya
2nd- Marcus

Sec 3 Category:
1st- Margaret and Shannelle

Grade 2 and 3 and high school already got their prizes! Grade 5/6 parents need to come and get their money or send a message saying it’s ok for them to take it.

All 1st place winners will go to Wemindji to represent ELMS in the Regional Science Fair. Unfortunately, we can only send 1 team from grade 5/6 so the grade 6 will go as they had more points. Please send the permission form back on Tuesday.

Congrats to all who won and all who participated!! We are so proud of each and every one of you!