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Community Dialogue on Well-Being and Safety

On February 15 & 16, 2022, the Cree School Board, Voyageur Memorial High School, and Mistissini community members came together for a Community Dialogue with a theme on Community Life: Well-being and safety in our community.

The Community Dialogue provided an opportunity for a variety of people, including men, women, youth, police officers, employees, and community members, the chance to engage in a group process that encouraged them to build relationships, and generate ideas in the conversation.

Employees and community members shared ideas and formed themes on how to address the violence, bullying, in our community. Together, the dialogue resulted in both short-term and long-term actions and solutions. Other dialogues will follow, and we will keep you updated and share further actions to ensure the safety of our community.

We want to thank everyone who was able to join us to share their feedback and new ideas!