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The 4th Regional General Assembly is going on a Community Tour

The Cree School Board is looking forward to visiting your schools and communities for the 4th Regional General Assembly – Community Tour around Eeyou Istchee for two weeks to discuss the theme “Continuing Our Iiyiyiu Education Journey.”

The biennial Regional General Assembly will begin the journey in the coastal communities from Tuesday, October 4 to Friday, October 7, 2022. Then the tour will continue from Monday, October 17 to Thursday, October 20, 2022 in the inland communities!

Caroline Mark 2022
Caroline Mark, Director General of Cree School Board, welcomes all community members to the Regional General Assembly – Community Tour in their community.

The Regional General Assembly plays a vital role in the community engagement of the territory, and we wanted to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to participate in the presentations, consultation, and question period,” says Director General Caroline Mark. “This community tour is to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to connect and learn more about our activities and the direction of Eeyou education.

The event will feature a special needs consultation and a luncheon for parents and caregivers of special needs children and adults, presentations from the Chairperson Dr. Sarah Pash, Director General Caroline Mark, Deputy Director Generals Deborah House-Cox, Stella Lameboy, and Andy Baribeau, as well as the introduction of the New 2021–2026 Strategic Action Plan. Each community will have a question period on the day of the Regional General Assembly, which will be available in the mid-afternoon and may touch on topics discussed. Community members in Eeyou Istchee are invited to attend, including students, parents, and caregivers.

The first Regional General Assembly on Education took place in Mistissini in 2016, and the third one took place in Oujé-Bougoumou in 2020 as part of the Board’s website launch celebration. To view all current information about the 4th Regional General Assembly, visit our web page.

[Update, September 28, 2022] Cree School Board updated this story, published on September 20, 2022, about the Regional General Assembly – Community Tour, which included Whapmagoostui. Additional information was provided after the story's initial publication to announce the postponement of Whapmagoostui’s tour to a later date, and the piece has been updated. The official community tour begins on Tuesday, October 4, 2022.