Teacher's Appreciation Week at the Mistissini Sabtuan Learning Centre (February 9 to 11, 2022)

Supported by the Interim Centre Director and organized by Alexandrea Coon who is currently doing her internship at the Mistissini Sabtuan Learning Centre(MSLC), the MSLC students hosted a virtual activity where students were invited to share a positive message to their teachers as a way of showing appreciation. There was a participation prize for this activity as a way of encouraging students to participate.

Stephan Rabbitskin, a MSLC student, wrote an empowering prize-winning message both in English and French to his teachers: "What is a teacher to me? They are like a guide in a canoe and guide you to make it to your destination. We've been in troubled waters these past two years. Thank you for not giving up and not throwing us out of the boat. Just know you're making a difference in our lives. I hope this (message will) make you smile."

"Qu'est-ce qu'un professeur pour moi? Ils sont comme un guide dans un canoë et vous guident pour vous rendre à votre destination. Nous avons été en eaux troubles ces deux dernières années. Merci de ne pas abandonner et de ne pas nous jeter hors du bateau. Sachez simplement que vous faites une différence dans nos vies. J'espère que cela vous a fait sourire"

Thank you to all teachers, your hard work and dedication is much appreciated!

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