Special Needs Symposium for Parents and Caregivers

As a follow-up to our announcement on August 8th, the Cree School Board is excited to share additional information on the activities and registration for the upcoming Special Needs Symposium for Parents and Caregivers, which will be held in Gatineau, QC from November 29th to December 1st, 2022.

With the vision of becoming “Stronger Together” ᒫᒨ ᒪᔥᑰᑳᐴᐦᑖᐤ, the Symposium aims to provide a forum for parents and caregivers to connect with one an- other through a series of workshops, presentations, and opportunities for dialogue. Such as:

  • Avoiding Stormy Behaviors at Home: The Importance of Routines and Transitions (CSB)
  • The What, Where, Why and How of Calm Down Kits (CNG)
  • Using Your Voice to Advocate for Your Child’s Needs (CBHSSJB)

and many more!

Who can participate?

Registration is open to the parents and caregivers of special needs children and adults, up to a maximum of two participants per family. Please note participation is limited, so register today!

How can I sign up?

Please click here to register online now.
If you need assistance with the online registration, contact your local school.

When is the deadline to register?

Monday, October 24, 2022, at 5 p.m.

Where can I learn more?

Please visit the Special Needs Symposium web page for up-to-date news and information. You can also find updates on the CSB Check-In radio show, and CSB social media platforms.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach our event organizers at .

On behalf of the Cree School Board, in collaboration with the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay and the Cree Nation Government, we look forward to seeing you there.

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