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Return to School Message

Yesterday in Eeyou Istchee, our children have returned to school in an online capacity. The fifth wave of COVID-19, fueled by the highly contagious Omicron virus, has again forced us to delay in-class learning. We acknowledge that although this is not an ideal situation for students, the continued vigilance shown by everyone is greatly appreciated. As well as elementary and secondary students, we would like to thank those enrolled in post-secondary studies for resuming their winter term semester again in an online capacity. We would also like to wish our best to the Adult-Ed, Vocational and Bachelor’s in Education students who will also be continuing sessions this month.

All your hard work as students and the esteemed dedication of teachers and parents are invaluable to the future of the Cree Nation. To the students, we say thank you for your perseverance during these unprecedented times. Keep up the great work!

To the teachers, our hats are off to you for the cherished service you are providing to our future professionals and leaders.

To the parents, we would like to acknowledge and express gratitude for the support you continue to show to those who have turned your kitchen table into a school desk. Online learning is not easy for many reasons and we all look forward to the days when we can all return to our classrooms for its educational and social benefits.

For now, we would like to relay our thanks to all! We will get through this and your resilience is an inspiration to all. Miikwehch, God bless and we wish you all success.

Mandy Gull-Masty
Grand Chief / Chairperson
Dr. Sarah Pashgumskum
Chairperson of the Cree School Board