Report-card, summer school Information for parents

We know you have questions about your child’s progress. This has been an unprecedented year in the history of Canada, let alone the history of our Cree School Board. Because of this, and because of our unique relationship with the Quebec government, we have been able to offer a somewhat flexible, regional, and equitable approach to learning and evaluation.

You will receive your child’s report card, along with Ministry documents that explain the adaptations due to COVID-19, by mail the week of June 29, 2020.

For Elementary students

Unlike in other years where your child’s report card would have reflected a numeric mark, this year, your child has been given a Pass (P) or Fail (F) on the report card. This has considered the professional judgement of the teachers and school administration. Please watch community announcements for details around the return to school.

For Secondary 1-3 students

Your child has been given a pass or fail in each subject. Content they completed through the Online Learning Platform has been considered. The final Pass/Fail for the promotion into the next school year considers a number of factors and has been completed in consultation with teachers and school administration. Please watch community announcements for details around the return to school.

For Secondary 4-5 students

Note that your child’s mark on the report card is not official until issued by the Ministry and confirmed by School Operations in early July.

P or REU is a pass           NP or NR is a fail

Your child’s transcript this year, due to COVID-19, will look different than in previous years: you will see a P (pass) / REU (réussite) or NP (non-pass) / NR (non- réussite) rather than an actual mark. The P/REU or NP/NR has been determined based on their term 1 and 2 marks, as well as any assignments completed from the Online Learning Platform. Final evaluation also included consultation with school administration.

If a student did not pass a at least one subject, they may be able to participate in summer school. You will be notified if this is the case. See note below.

For students who were successful in graduating from Secondary 5, all graduations will be in August following summer school results. Graduation plans will be announced by School Operations later this summer.

Should your child have a Cree School Board electronic device (laptop, iPad, etc), please contact your principal to organize its return. All devices must be returned.

Summer School begins July 13, 2020

If it is recommended that your child participate in summer school, you will be contacted by the principal, vice-principal or guidance counsellor before the end of the week of July 6. All summer school students will be provided with an electronic device to complete their tasks.

If you have not heard about summer school and believe you should attend, you can email  .  Please note that priority is being given to Secondary 5 students this year.


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