Register today for the Mozaïk Portal, a new communication tool for parents

Did you know there is an easier way to track your child’s progress in school?

The Cree School Board has launched the Mozaïk Portal for Parents online since December 2021. The Portal is a website that functions as a communication tool for parents, allowing parents to track their child’s academic progress while in school and giving them access to their child’s school files, including attendance, report cards, and many other great features!

"The Portal would strengthen our work in allowing us to have more accurate student records and build stronger relationships with parents and students. Our schools work with data to inform their work and instruction. The more we understand, the better we can work with our students, families, and communities."

Kim Quinn, Director of School Operations
What’s next?

Parents are encouraged to update their email at their child’s school. You can register your account by going to on your desktop computer or downloading the mParent app.

How to Create your Account:

As we continuously look for ways to engage with parents and students, the Portal will ensure the communication meets their needs as part of our efforts to connect them more easily through our schools.

In addition to sharing your child’s file with you, we are providing resources and tools that can be accessed at our website, on the mobile application or through the Mozaik Portal website.

The Portal will keep parents informed, and together, we will ensure that student success continues to be a priority in our Eeyou education!

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