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Rainbow Elementary School honours the memory of Cecil Gull

Staff at Rainbow Elementary School in Waswanipi pay respect and honour the memory of a beloved colleague and friend, Cecile Gull, who worked at the school from March 2012 to the date of her passing, March 21, 2024.

Cecile’s passing has indeed left a profound void in the hearts of many. As a mentor and friend, her impact was immeasurable. Accepting that we won’t see her physical presence again will undoubtedly take time.

Cecile’s qualities shine brightly in the memories shared: her compassion, kindness, and unwavering readiness to help. Cecile’s warm smile as she greeted the students at the gate was a beacon of comfort and reassurance. It’s remarkable how she could gently guide them back to the classrooms, creating a sense of safety and belonging.

Cecile’s dedication extended to the staff kitchen, where she meticulously maintained order and cleanliness. Her special seat in the kitchen became a cherished spot—a place where she could listen to the radio, finding solace in its familiar tunes.

And then there was her secret weapon: the special pencil. When the radio volume dared to dip, Cecile wielded that pencil like a magic wand, coaxing the sound back to life. It was her quiet rebellion against silence, a testament to her resourcefulness and determination. In those moments, as the radio hummed to life, Cecile’s smile surely matched the warmth of the music. Her legacy lives on, not just in the kitchen, but in every note, every smile, and every act of kindness she shared.

Each time she left for Montreal, her parting words—simple yet heartfelt—echoed: “See you, have a good week.

Cecile’s legacy will forever be etched in the hearts of those of us who had the privilege of knowing her. Her compassion, kindness, and unwavering readiness to help will continue to inspire us. As we navigate the void left by her passing, may her memory bring comfort and warmth. Her presence will be deeply missed, but her legacy lives on in the hearts of those she touched.

Thank you for your support during this time of remembrance.