Pink Shirt Day at the Cree School Board

Pink Shirt Day happened on February 24, 2021, and it was a day where Cree School Board students and employees took a stand against harassment and bullying in our schools, workplaces, homes and online. Pink Shirt Day has shown the importance of supporting each other, especially for those who need it. Here are a few things our students and employees participated for the anti-bullying campaign in their schools.

Pink for Kindness

Students and employees at the Cree School Board dressed in pink T-shirts to raise awareness of anti-bullying!

Elementary students share an emotional video

One class recorded a video of themselves reading a story about bullying, with snapshots of the Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon book with their teacher narrating. Joy Ottereyes Rainbow Memorial School posted the video on their Facebook where community members heard the students’ message: “We will stand up tall like Molly Lou Melon against bullying!

Not all schools shared videos – some found other creative ways to share their support for Pink Shirt Day.

Students craft a kindness quilt, and paper designs

Students created a mural with a resemblance of a quilt for this year's Pink Shirt Day, using the Kindness Quilt to stand against bullying with “Be Kind” as their theme message. Voyageur Elementary Memorial School posted their quilt on Facebook to share their creative wall.

Classes did various fun activities around Pink Shirt Day, with several classes doing arts and crafts and eating pink coloured cupcakes.

TikTok video of the day

We find creative ways to communicate with our students. With social media's help, one school principal created a fun video to promote the Pink Shirt Day event to her students. Voyageur Memorial High School posted this video on Facebook for everyone to enjoy.

Kindness matters

Pink Shirt Day is more than a campaign, it is a reminder to be kind to all. The event may only happen once a year, but we can practice being kind today, tomorrow, and always!

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