Parent Resource: Setting up Office 365 for Online Learning

Using a computer to communicate, research, and collaborate is an important life skill for students. The Cree School Board is currently providing students with Office 365 accounts, online learning materials, and other online learning supports, so they can build these skills for the future. These resources will also make sure we are prepared in the case of another COVID-19 closure.

Here are some resources to help you get started with Office 365, Teams, and other technologies.

Getting Started with Office 365 and Teams

Each child at the Cree School Board now has an Office 365 account. They can sign into this account on any device (phone, computer, tablet). When they sign in, they will be able to access multiple programs, including Microsoft Word for writing documents and Microsoft Outlook for sending emails.

One of the most important programs they will have access to is Microsoft Teams. This program allows them to access assignments, attend lessons, and submit documents.

We have created several short videos on how to set up your Office 365 and Teams account. These can be found on the “Office 365 Page” of this website.

Go to Office 365 Page

Will my children be loaned a laptop from the school?

Schools have a limited number of devices available. We are working very hard to increase the number of laptops and tablets available for students to borrow.

If you already have a device at home, that’s great! You can set your child up for online learning on any tablet, laptop, or even mobile phone already in your household.

If you do not have any devices in your home, we will do our best to help you by providing a loaned laptop or table. You will need to sign an agreement promising to take care of the laptop and return it at the end of the year.

We understand that you may still want to borrow a laptop or tablet for school, even if you have other devices in your home. However, this is not always possible due to our limited supply. We are in the process of purchasing more laptops, so a loaner device may be available to you in the future.

What can I do to support my children’s online learning?

Encouraging children to play educational games or explore learning resources online during computer time is a great way to encourage strong digital skills in your children. Some great resources can still be found on our Online Learning Platform page.

We all recognize that digital skills are important, but we know that they are not the only thing your child needs to be successful in life and in school. Reading a book together, spending time on the land, speaking Cree, cooking a meal, doing a science experiment, or other favourite activities will keep your child’s mind, body, and emotional well-being active.

By working together, we can provide a holistic education that prepares students to lead happy, healthy, and successful lives.

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