New vocational programs prepare Eeyou/Eenou for health careers close to home

With plans to hire over 600 new positions in the next five years, capacity building is a significant focus for Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay (CBHSSJB). To help more Crees qualify for these roles, the Cree School Board’s Sabtuan Adult Education Services is now offering “direct-to-employment” training programs in partnership with CBHSSJB.

Health Care 02Community members in Chisasibi and Waswanipi can now apply for the first program under this partnership, the Beneficiary Attendant training program. This program will prepare students to work in their local Elder’s home. Those who take the program will receive a vocational diploma and a local job offer immediately upon graduation. 

Beneficiary Attendant training program is a unique opportunity for Chisasibi and Waswanipi adults

For Cree adults interested in a career where they can help others, spend time with Elders, and contribute to their community, the Beneficiary Attendant training program is a unique opportunity. Sabtuan Adult Education Services hopes the way the program is offered allows more people to pursue this career path.

Health Care 03“Our data shows us that many Crees want to go back to school, but certain things stand in the way – like concerns about moving south for school or finding a job after graduation,” said Nian Matoush, Director of Adult Education for the Cree School Board. “By offering the programs locally with a direct-to-employment guarantee, we are able to address many of these concerns.”

In addition, the Cree School Board has launched a new student allowance program to help students care for their families while in school. Allowance amounts are calculated based on a student’s family situation, so they can provide for their children and spouse for the duration of the program.

Online applications open until December 11

Applications are open now for the Beneficiary Attendant training program (Chisasibi & Waswanipi). Visit the “Apply Now” page on to complete an application before December 11.

Apply Now   Learn More About the Program

If you have additional questions, please contact Roberta Neacappo at or by phone at 819-855-2230 ext 2368.

If you do not live in these communities but are interested in learning about similar direct-to-employment programs in the future, please sign up for updates at

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