Festive Fun at the Cree School Board

Things may look a little different this year, but our schools have found many creative ways to have fun and share joy this holiday season. Here are a few things our students are enjoying as we head into the holiday season!

Decking the halls

Creativity and holiday spirit go hand in hand at the Cree School Board! Christmas trees and festive displays lined the halls of our schools across Eeyou Istchee. Teachers and students joined in the fun with door decorating, art displays, and creative contests.

Colouring contest in WaskaganishDoor decorating contest in WemindjiDoor decorating in WaswanipiDoor decorating in WaswanipiOrnament making contest in Waskaganish

Livestreamed Christmas concerts

Children across Eeyou Istchee often look forward to performing for their families at their annual Christmas concerts. Besides being a fun-filled activity, these concerts are a great way to teach early music skills, collaboration, memorization, and performance arts.

COVID-19 measures may have prevented our usual auditorium performances – but that didn’t stop our students! Thanks to cameras, Facebook, and a little bit of ingenuity, several students safely shared their talents with through “Virtual Christmas Concerts.” By sharing the concert on social media, loved ones near and far were able to watch, comment, and enjoy no matter where they were located!

Ms. Natasha's First Grade class performs 'Rocking around the Christmas Tree' at the Voyageur Memorial Elementary School's Virtual Christmas Concert

Not all schools hosted Christmas concerts virtually – some found other ways to give students a chance to shine and get festive. For example…

Festive Cree words of the week

The Cree School Board has an important role to play in teaching and promoting Cree language & culture throughout the year. With Christmas on many students’ minds, language teachers created lessons and word lists so students could discuss their holiday traditions in the Cree language. Luke Mettaweskum School posted these weekly words on their Facebook for the whole community to enjoy.

Elder visits

The Cree School Board is grateful to have many Elders who support the education of our students. By following public health measures like daily health checks, face masks, and distancing, we were able to create a safe environment for Elders to schools to discuss their holiday traditions and to share wisdom ahead of the holiday season.

Festive Fun Anna Bosum

Anna Bosum showing children at Waapihtiiwewan School how she celebrated the holidays as a child.

Spirit Days

Our school teams found many creative ways to keep students engaged and excited about coming to school in December. Pyjama day, outdoor activities, Christmas movie screenings, candy-grams…schools worked hard to prepare a variety of fun, festive, and safe things for students to look forward to over the past month.

Christmas stories in the cabin WaskganishFestive facemasks in WemindjiVMHS Principal Betty-Anne Forward shows off her Christmas spirit

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season

December is always an exciting month at the Cree School Board, filled with celebrations, special activities, and cheer. COVID-19 may have made things a bit different this year, but it certainly did not dampen our holiday spirit!

As the week comes to a close and we all prepare for the holiday break, the Cree School Board would like to wish everyone a joy-filled, peaceful, and safe rest of December and a wonderful new year! We look forward to hearing all about your family traditions and holiday fun when students return on January 11 (for more information about the holiday period and return to school January 11, you may refer to our Winter Holiday FAQ).

Festive Fun Happy Holidays

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