CSB Celebrates Retiring Employees

After many years of service, the Cree School Board honoured retirees from last year and this year. Chairperson Dr. Sarah Pash acknowledged the retired employees on social media.

“CONGRATULATIONS!” said the Chairperson, “For today, I want to say thank you for everything you have done. You have worked tirelessly to ensure that our language remains a priority, that our culture and traditions have a place in our education system, that we continue to develop and produce our own teachers.”

Managers, teachers, professionals, and support staff were among those who retired from the Cree School Board, with some having been there since the early 1980s.

All retiring employees deserve our appreciation for their years of service and dedication to student success in Eeyou Education. The following individuals were honoured as retirees:

Name Years of Service Last Position Held at CSB Location Date of Retirement
Benoit Strasbourg 21 Education Consultant Regional Vocational Training Center Waswanipi February 29, 2020
Luc Collette 31 Coordinator of Adult Education Vocational Training Adult Education Mistissini June 20, 2020
Rose Dixon 23 Education Consultant Willie J. HappyJack Memorial School August 1, 2020*
Ricky Jolly 31.5 Cree Culture Teacher Wiinibekuu School January 30, 2021
Linda Visitor 32.5 Education Consultant Cree Programs May 1, 2021
Mary Bear 34 Coordinator of Education Services Professional Development June 1, 2021
Frances Visitor 28.5 Education Consultant Instructional Services July 1, 2021
Carl Cyr 27.5 Adult Education Contract Teacher Wabannutao Eeyou School - Adult Education July 1, 2021
Gabriela Grigoroiu 14 Adult Education Contract Teacher Maquata Eeyou School - Adult Education July 1, 2021
Mircea Grigoroiu 13 Adult Education Contract Teacher Maquata Eeyou School - Adult Education July 1, 2021
Anna Lesco-Cyr 30.5 High School Teacher Wabannutao Eeyou School July 1, 2021
Emma Mianscum 24 Executive Secretary Secretary General August 5, 2021
*The retiree returned to work as a teacher on August 26, 2020.

Congratulations everyone on your retirement!

Benoit Strasbourg Emma Mianscum Frances Visitor Gabriela Grigoroiu And Mircea Grigoroiu Luc Collette Mary Bear, Linda Visitor and Frances Visitor Ricky Jolly Rose Dixon

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