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Cree Springboard to Nursing Program: Empowering Cree Students for a Healthier Future

The Cree School Board, in collaboration with the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay, is proud to announce the launch of the Cree Springboard to Nursing program. This innovative initiative aims to empower Cree students by providing them with the necessary prerequisites to pursue a career in nursing, all while studying from the comfort of their home community, with some travel for the Math, Science, Chemistry and Physical Education courses.

Darlene Cheechoo, Director of Higher Learning discusses the Springboard programs with Christine Petawabano on JBCCS.

What Is the Cree Springboard to Nursing Program?

The Cree Springboard to Nursing is a full-time, two-semester program in partnership with the Cree Board of Health and John Abbott College, designed to prepare students for entry into nursing programs.. Starting in August and concluding in April, this program offers a unique opportunity for Cree beneficiaries living in iiyiyiu aschii to deepen their knowledge, strengthen their cultural identity, and gain essential skills for a rewarding career in healthcare.

Darlene Cheechoo 210"We are so excited to be able to offer these opportunities to take CEGEP-level courses that are created by Cree educators for Cree students in community and their ability to study online, so that students can study within iiyiyiu aschii."

Darlene Cheechoo, Director of Higher Learning.

Curriculum Highlights

Students enrolled in the Cree Springboard to Nursing program will engage in a comprehensive curriculum that includes accredited courses in the following areas:

  1. Math: Building a solid foundation in mathematical concepts, including specific coursework for use in the healthcare sector.
  2. Contemporary Issues: Exploring relevant topics affecting healthcare and Indigenous communities.
  3. French and English: Enhancing language ability for effective communication.
  4. Chemistry: Understanding fundamental chemical principles with a focus on applications in healthcare.
  5. Environmental Science: Exploring the intersection of health and the environment.
  6. Land-based Physical Education: Connecting with the land through physical activity, traditional teachings, language and a focus on miyupimaatisiiun.

Why Now?

The Cree School Board shares the Cree Board of Health’s vision of building a stronger and healthier Cree Nation. By offering health services within the territory whenever possible, we aim to improve the well-being of our people. To achieve this vision, we recognize the critical need for more Cree nurses who understand the unique challenges faced by our community. The Cree Springboard to Nursing program plays a pivotal role in addressing this need.

Time Commitment

Students embarking on this educational journey will complete two semesters, starting in August 2024 and concluding in April 2025. The program structure includes:

  • Class Hours: Students will have 14 class hours per week, spread across Monday to Thursday.
  • Homework Hours: Approximately 14 hours per week will be dedicated to homework assignments.
  • Intensive Physical Education: Each semester, students will take part in a five-day intensive physical education course on the land.
  • In-Community tutoring
  • Financial aid
  • Loaner laptops

Students are responsible for travel and lodging to Chisasibi for on-site courses.

How to Learn More and Apply

Interested students can find detailed information about the Cree Springboard to Nursing program on our website: Eeyou Education - Springboard Programs. Here, they can explore program specifics, access application forms, and discover how this opportunity can shape their future.

Application Deadline

Midnight, April 24, 2024, marks the deadline for sending applications. Don’t miss out on this chance to take a significant step toward a fulfilling nursing career.

Have Questions?

For any inquiries or help, feel free to reach out to us via email at . We’re here to support you on your educational journey!