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Cree School Board NÎMÛTÂN funding application portal now available on

The Cree School Board is excited to launch its new funding management portal for the current and future post-secondary students!

The NÎMÛTÂN funding application process has been simplified for Cree post-secondary students, allowing for current and future students to submit their application digitally, update their profile, view tasks, begin a two-way communication with PSSS employees, participate in online surveys, access to forms, request advances, and receive funding all in one place.

What is the NÎMÛTÂN?

The name NÎMÛTÂN stands for “Packsack”, which Cree hunters have traditionally used to carry food, traditional tools, and utensils. We hope that NÎMÛTÂN will assist our students in their post-secondary learning journey with our funding program.

The NÎMÛTÂN funding application platform is designed as a one-stop-shop replacing the former paper or online ‘three-step’ application with a digital application that is accessible from your desktop!
Note: Mobile version will be made available soon.

Gradual Implementation

As of August 16, 2022, NÎMÛTÂN is open for the Winter 2023 application intake only (New or Returning applicants that are not currently sponsored by Post-Secondary Student Services).

During the Fall of 2022, current PSSS students will be invited to connect to NÎMÛTÂN to prepare for January 2023, where NÎMÛTÂN will be fully implemented, and the old portal (PSSS Student Portal) will be deactivated.

What’s next?

As usual, all JBNQA eligible beneficiaries can apply for financial assistance with the new NÎMÛTÂN online application, which means all future post-secondary students must create a new profile to access the portal.

The application deadlines for our new online student funding management portal will remain the same. This includes:

  • March 1st for programs starting in the Fall;
  • October 1st for programs starting in the Winter;
  • Three (3) months in advance to any other official starting date.

As we work to respond to the new change, we will continue to engage with post-secondary students to ensure our funding management portal meets their needs.

In addition to this change, we have increased our communication capacity to those who have any questions, need assistance or have suggestions, please feel free to call our Helpline at 1-800-463-7402 or email us at . This will help us keep the conversation going, so we can build a bright future for your post-secondary learning journey!