Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates Week 2 - School Closure Extended

UPDATED Sunday, March 22, 2020 3:00 p.m.

The Government of Quebec officially announced today that the school closure will be extended to Friday, May 1st (inclusively) in Quebec.

This extended closure applies to all educational institutions - pre-kindergarten, elementary, high school, adult education, and training centres, colleges, and universities within the province.

Although the government of Quebec has canceled all June provincial final exams, we are currently reviewing our exam options and will follow up further as to how we will approach final student evaluations in our Board in the coming days. This will include how we will support student learning in the meantime through our own online resources.

If you enrolled in a post-secondary program in another province, you are encouraged to verify with your institution if there is a closure extension and if your exams have been affected.

For Adult Education students, we will be giving you more information on how this affects your progress.

Our Emergency child care services are reserved for the children (from 5 to age 13) of health care, social services, and essential services employees throughout the closure.

To all Cree School Board personnel, we will follow up with further details and clarification on how this affects you and know that we are looking at all our possible options.

We are working hard to continue developing our plan and we will provide more specific information in the upcoming days.

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