ᑎᐹᒋᒧᐧᐃᓐ ᐁ ᐧᐄᐦᑖᑯᐦᒡ ᐅᐦᒋ ᔦᐦᔦᐙᔅᐱᓀᐎᓐ ᐁ ᐋᔔᒦᑐᓈᓅᒡ

COVID-19 Update

This page contains the Cree School Board’s current situation and response to COVID-19.

If you have questions regarding symptoms, please call Cree Public Health at 1-866-855-2811. Visit their dedicated site for the most up-to-date COVID-19 information in Eeyou Istchee.

Current situation

Updated Thursday, April 29, 2021

Public Health Measures

  • Elementary & Secondary Schools: All schools remain in Scenario B. Please refer to the CSB pdf Health Measures by Alert Level (April 19) and Post-Goose Break Plans Overview for details.
    CSB Goose Break Dates by Community:
    - Eastmain and Waskaganish: April 26 to May 7.
    - All other communities: May 3 to May 14.
  • Youth Sector Goose Break: The plans were developed for all elementary and high schools, including the possible Scenario changes after Goose Break. Local schools will provide some in-person and online instruction during the isolation period. All schools will communicate their plans locally.
  • Post-Secondary Student Services: Plans are being developed to support PSSS students with their return home for the summer. These plans include assessing if the students require additional support for their self-isolation in their communities.

ᒉᐧᐄ ᒥᔪ ᒥᔪᓯᑲᒪᑖᔦᒄ ᐅ ᒉ ᓂᑑᐦᐆᔦᒄ!

Wishing you a wondeful and safe Goose Break!

Thank you for your continued cooperation with public health measures. If you have specific questions, please contact your local school or adult education facility directly. For any questions about COVID-19 protocols, please call public health at 1-866-855-2811.

Wellness Links and Resources

For Teachers

EdCan "Well at Work"
A collection of podcasts, blog posts and magazine articles to help you focus on your own well-being and resilience.

For All

Wiichihiiwaauwin helpline - 1-833-632-4351 (HELP)

CBHSSJB welcomes anyone feeling depressed, anxious, or stressed due to COVID-19 to contact its psychosocial support line. Help is available in Cree, English and French. Online resources are also available on their website here.

For Children

pdf My COVID-19 Story  - Video
A social story by the Cree Health Board, to help children understand and make good decisions about COVID-19.

Cree School Board

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