Welding and Fitting

Learn everything you need start your career in welding and fitting!

Learn how to:

  • Cut metals 
  • Weld steel, stainless steel and aluminum parts
  • Carry out, modify and repair assemblies

1800 hours (full-time, 72-weeks)
120 credits
Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS)

Program Content

  • Determine their suitability for the trade and the training process
  • Become aware of occupational health and safety rules
  • Produce sketches and drawings
  • Apply concepts of metallurgy
  • Interpret drawings and specifications
  • Cut ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Use cutting and shaping equipment
  • Prepare parts
  • Apply the SMAW process
  • Weld steel parts using the SMAW process
  • Apply the GTAW process
  • Weld steel parts using the GTAW process
  • Weld aluminum parts using the GTAW process
  • Produce basic assemblies
  • Apply the GMAW process
  • Weld steel parts using the GMAW process
  • Weld aluminum parts using the GMAW process
  • Produce simple assemblies
  • Apply the FCAW process
  • Weld steel parts using the FCAW process
  • Apply the SAW, RW and PAW processes
  • Interpret drawings and specifications for complex assemblies
  • Produce assemblies of medium complexity
  • Communicate in the workplace
  • Produce complex assemblies
  • Modify assemblies
  • Repair assemblies
  • Use job-search techniques
  • Enter the work force

Do you have the prerequisites?

  • Secondary IV language of instruction, second language and mathematics 
  • Secondary III English and mathematics + General Development Test

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