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Recreation Leadership

Applications open for:

Waswanipi (SRVTC): TBD

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Lead recreational activities, sports leagues, and events in your community with a career in Recreation Leadership!

Learn how to:

  • Organize recreational activities and events
  • Use recreational equipment and facilities
  • Set up sports leagues and exercise leadership
  • Give first aid

1290 hours (full-time, 52-weeks)
86 credits
Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS)

Program Content

  • Determine their suitability for the occupation and the training process
  • Facilitate recreation activities
  • Exercise leadership
  • Give first aid
  • Adopt preventive behaviours in matters of health and safety
  • Use a computer
  • Carry out a promotional campaign
  • Support volunteerism
  • Organize ongoing activities
  • Set up sports leagues
  • Communicate in the workplace
  • Determine the costs and methods of funding of activities
  • Solve technical and organizational problems
  • Perform accounting tasks related to recreation activities
  • Manage the use of recreation equipment and facilities
  • Organize special events
  • Supervise occasional work
  • Be the trainer for a sports team
  • Plan a job search

Do you have the prerequisites?

  • Secondary III language of instruction, second language and mathematics 
  • Successful completion of the General Development Test

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How do I Apply?


Identify the courses or program you wish to take

Review your options and build a learning plan with the adult education guidance counsellor.


Bring documents to your local Adult Education Office

Bring your birth certificate, social insurance number, and school reports/transcripts to your local Adult Education office. If you are applying for a vocational program, please contact your Local Education Consultant for more details on necessary documents. Find my local adult education office.


Fill out an application

If you applied for General Education classes, welcome! You may be able to start immediately after submitting your application. If you applied for a Vocational Program, you will be contacted following the selection process.