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Construction Business Management

Want to start or manage a business in the construction industry? We’ll help you get ready! 

Learn how to:

  • Create a business development plan
  • Build contracts, submit proposals, and hire staff in accordance with Quebec law
  • Manage the accounts and finances of a company
  • Manage construction site operations

450 hours (full-time, 18-weeks)
30 credits
Attestation of Vocational Studies (AVS)

Program Content

  • Determine their suitability for construction business management and for the training process
  • Communicate in the workplace
  • Carry out legal activities
  • Read drawings and specifications
  • Make sure a building complies with Québec's building code
  • Determine project costs
  • Establish a business development plan
  • Manage the accounts and finances of the company
  • Manage occupational health and safety
  • Manage construction site operations

Do you have the prerequisites?

Students will be selected based on relevant experience and essential skills.

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