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Computing Support

Prepare for your career as a computer support technician, network administrator, or equipment installer.

Learn how to:

  • Install and manage computer hardware and software
  • Manage computer networks
  • Troubleshoot computer problems

1800 hours (full-time, 72-weeks)
120 credits
Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS)

Program Content

  • Determine their suitability for the occupation and the training process
  • Analyze the architecture and operation of computer systems
  • Exploit the possibilities of operating systems using older technology
  • Apply a problem-solving method
  • Research information
  • Develop a utility program
  • Interact in various work situations
  • Exploit the possibilities of application software
  • Exploit the possibilities of operating systems using recent technology
  • Create and use a database
  • Install the hardware and software of a computer
  • Manage their time
  • Communicate in French
  • Manage access to the resources of a network
  • Install the shareable resources of a network
  • Exploit the possibilities of telecommunications facilities
  • Manage their careers
  • Troubleshoot a computer problem
  • Optimize the performance of a computer
  • Provide technical support at a telephone help desk
  • Ensure the proper operation of computers in the workplace
  • Provide service to clients in the workplace

Do you have the prerequisites?

  • Secondary IV language of instruction, second language and mathematics 
  • Secondary III language of instruction + Secondary IV mathematics + General Development Test

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