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  • Eeyou-Eenou Community Foundation and Mastercard Foundation partner to provide laptops for Cree adult education students

Eeyou-Eenou Community Foundation and Mastercard Foundation partner to provide laptops for Cree adult education students

Students enrolled in Sabtuan Adult Education Services courses will have access to distance learning technology this Fall, thanks to a generous donation from the Eeyou-Eenou Community Foundation in Partnership with the Mastercard Foundation.

These generous partners responded to the urgent need for distance learning equipment resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, providing the Cree School Board with $352,890 to purchase student laptops for the adult sector. The donation will empower adult students to continue working towards their goals, regardless of how the public health crisis evolves in the months to come.

 “These types of partnerships support essential initiatives enabling student success. SAES has been working hard to identify and respond to student needs. When they presented some of these needs to the Eeyou-Eenou Community Foundation and Mastercard Foundation, these donors stepped up to provide funding. Supporting adult education and vocational training is key to capacity development; this initiative shows our adult students just how supported and important they are to all of us.” 

- Dr. Sarah Pash, Cree School Board Chairperson

Along with securing the funds for laptops, Sabtuan Adult Education Services will be continuing with its plans to expand student supports in the coming year. In Fall 2020, full-time adult education students will be able to apply for student allowances from the Cree School Board. In addition, the Cree School Board is working to create a student success function within the adult sector, including several new positions aimed at enhancing to student support services. With increased access to technological, financial, and academic support, adult students will be better prepared to succeed in their adult education classes moving forward.

Adult education students have shown us that they are eager to continue their education from home. We owe it to them to ensure they have the right tools to access digital learning. Our students are motivated and resilient. I look forward to seeing what our adult education students they can achieve with these additional tools and support.

- Director General Abraham Jolly

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