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Announcement: Cree School Board to provide student allowances to in-community adult learners

The Cree School Board (CSB) will be introducing student allowances for in-community adult education students this school year, according to a joint statement from the CSB’s Sabtuan Adult Education Services (SAES) and partner organization Apatisiiwin Skills Development (ASD).

Students will automatically be considered for an allowance when they apply to adult education programs using SAES’ new online application portal. Those approved for an allowance will receive bi-weekly payments to support themselves and their families while pursuing in-community Vocational Training and General Education programs.

To qualify for a student allowance, applicants must be JBNQA beneficiaries, enrolled in full-time adult education studies, and have been out of the youth sector for at least 12 months. They also may not be receiving any other type of government funding or grant, including Employment Insurance (EI). Full eligibility details are available in our FAQ sheet here.

New online portal makes it easier than ever to apply to adult education

To support the rollout of its new student allowances, SAES is introducing a new online application portal. The portal will soon be available [update: now available] on the Adult Education Apply Now page. Community members can complete the easy-to-use application using a computer, phone, or tablet.

Online applications will be available to continuing students (those who attended adult education last year) starting August 3. If continuing students wish to return to adult education in September, they must complete an online application by August 15.

All other community members will be able to apply starting September 1.

Apatisiiwin Skills Development ready to help students navigate funding options

ASD is working with SAES to transition students into the new allowance program.

Director of ASD, Louisa Saganash, says that community members who qualify for multiple funding sources, such as EI and a CSB allowance, can contact their local ASD office to discuss their options. Community members can also arrange to use an ASD computer to complete their adult education application.

“We know there are many Eeyouch who want to go back to school, and many employers who are seeking skilled workers to build the Cree economy. Adult education is key to building capacity in the Cree Nation,” said Saganash. “Our Local Employment Counsellors are always here to help students navigate funding options so they can go back to school.”

Director of SAES, Nian Matoush, is grateful for all the support SAES has received in launching the new allowances program. “Student success is a team effort. Our communities, students, teachers, staff, and partners all worked together to make these new student allowances a reality. We look forward to seeing what our adult students can achieve with this additional support.”

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