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Adult Learning Needs Assessment Results Now Available on!

What are the adult education and training needs in your community? Sabtuan Adult Education Services is helping to answer that question by sharing the results of its Adult Learning Needs Assessment (ALNA) online.

Discover your community’s education profile, adult student success factors, program recommendations on the ALNA site today.

See Adult Learning Needs Assessment Results

What is the ALNA?

The ALNA was a large-scale consultation which aimed to clarify adult education and training needs for each community. For the ALNA, Sabtuan Adult Education Services extensive surveys and research interviews, as well as partnering with ASD to review employer data.

The ALNA results provide a rich, reliable picture of the adult education needs in each community. As you explore the ALNA results online, you’ll find insights on programming, learning environment, program delivery, support services and more.

What’s next?

The community needs identified in the ALNA will inform all aspects of our growth and decision-making in adult education. This includes:

Program Selection

ALNA data will be used to select the local programs which will have the greatest impact.

Approach & Delivery

The ALNA will not only influence what we teach, but how we teach it. Understanding student preferences and values will help us build a more responsive, culturally relevant adult education system.

Support Services

With a stronger understanding of student motivations and student success factors, we can put measures in place to better support adult students.

Partnerships & Community Relations

The ALNA data gives us insight into which partnerships and community relations approaches will help us to best serve and connect with the community on an ongoing basis.

As we work to respond to the ALNA data, we will continue to engage with community members to ensure our programs and decisions meet their needs. This is why sharing the data back to you is so important!

In addition to sharing this data with you, are working to build local Adult Education Committees in each community. This will help us keep the conversation going, so we can build a bright future for adult education together!