Cree School Board’s Special Needs Dialogue & Luncheon
October 19, 2022
For Parents & Caregivers

During the RGA Community Tour, come to your community’s special needs dialogue and luncheon from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. This will provide an opportunity for parents and caregivers of special needs children and adults to share their insights and concerns.

We want to hear from you!

Condolences to the families and communities of Waswanipi and Oujé-Bougoumou
October 17, 2022

On behalf of the Cree School Board and Council of Commissioners,

We extend our deepest condolences to the families and communities of Waswanipi and Oujé-Bougoumou in the recent passing of their community members. Our thoughts and prayers are with you today and in the days ahead.

We stand in solidarity with our communities, families, students and staff.

September 29, 2022

The Cree School Board is delighted to announce the commissioners for Nemaska, Chisasibi and Oujé-Bougoumou.

  • Noreen Moar was elected by acclamation in Nemaska.
  • Robin Pachanos was re-elected in Chisasibi.
  • Daisy Shecapio was re-elected by acclamation in Oujé-Bougoumou.
Noreen Moar
Noreen Moar
Robin Pachanos
Robin Pachanos
Daisy Shecapio
Daisy Shecapio

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